“To fly is heavenly, to hover, divine!”


“My dream at Helicopter Charter is to help people learn to fly at lower costs, to introduce them to a new light sport category “Light Sport Aviation”, flying small light airplanes, Gyrocopters, and Microlights.

The idea is to enable people to fly at a much lower cost than a Private Pilot Licence.

Because of the rising fuel costs, I realized that one hour fuel on a Robinson helicopter alone is R600 for a R22 type helicopter. So, I thought of this idea to use a light sport aircraft and bought one. It’s called a Sky Ranger and it uses a lot less fuel therefore making training and renting more cost effective to members of the public. 

The advantages of a light sport licence are that you only need 35 hours, (already a is saving), and it takes you a month to do all theory as opposed to 3-8 months for Private Pilot Licence and a year of theory for Commercial Pilot Licence.

Suddenly my dream to enable all people to fly has finally come true, and we are starting a light sport licence at Uitenhage airfield and Port Elizabeth.

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I learnt to fly gliders 38 years ago at Uitenhage airfield and have enjoyed my passion every day. I want people to fly more easily and see life in color, and in a third dimension, just like I do on a daily basis. My primary dream is to see Walmer Township transformed/changed/helped, because from the air we see the massive poverty. The more I go to 3rd Avenue Walmer to encourage/evangelize/feed the men on the side of the road awaiting work, the more I get blessed with work/income, in our company.

To see Port Elizabeth from the air and  in colour like John and his team do everyday, please contact him via the following :


T : 041 507 7343