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Horizon Brands has a database of unbiased Mystery Shoppers per region which are sent out into various Restaurants and Retail Stores to conduct reviews. They pose as normal paying customers and asses all facets of a consumers visit for eg : cleanliness of store, merchandising hotspots, staff enthusiasm, product knowledge etc.

Once a purchase has been made Horizon Brands then returns the products bought to the store a few days later to further asses returns / voids systems and procedures. A detailed report is written based on the Mystery Shoppers overall store experience according to a points system.
In the restaurant environment a visit to your establishment is organised during your busiest service times and a report is conducted on all aspects experienced – food, service, ambiance, brand loyalty and presentation.Added to this report is a website and telephonic review which is conducted from our offices and not onsite with the client.
The report is then handed directly to the Owner of the Restaurant / Retail Store and a plan of action is discussed for any areas that may need attention.
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