Mystery Shopping

What Is Mystery Shopping And How Is It Conducted ?
—Horizon have a database of unbiased Mystery Shoppers per region which are sent out into various Restaurants and Retail Stores to conduct reviews. They pose as normal paying customers and asses all facets of a consumer’s visit for eg: cleanliness of store, merchandising hot spots, staff enthusiasm, product knowledge etc.
Once a purchase has been made in the Retail Sector, Horizon Mystery Shoppers then return the products bought to the store a few days later to further asses returns / voids systems and procedures. A detailed report is written based on the Mystery Shoppers overall store experience according to a points system. Added to this report is a website and telephonic review which is conducted from our offices and not onsite with the client. The report is then handed directly to the Owner of the Restaurant / Retail Store and a plan of action is discussed for any areas that may need attention.
How Can Mystery Shopping Benefit Your Company?
—Identify Training needs and consumer wants.
—Verify message accuracy and consistency.
—Set performance Improvement goals.
—Identify Best Practices and Accolades.
—Identify Brand Recognition and Centre Management awareness.
—Identify Centre advertising trends.
—Identify Consumer shopping needs.
—Identify Tenant Loyalty and Pride.
—Identify strengths and weaknesses.
—Ensure staff follow Centre and Owner Standards and Procedures.
—Increase Brand Awareness.
—Identify Promotional Trends.
—Access Consumers feedback re Complaints to avoid further irregularities.
—Evaluate employee loyalty.
—Evaluate Management and Training techniques and implementation thereof.
—Evaluate store layout and accessibility from a Consumers eyes.
—Asses Consumer Loyalty.
(Let us help your company prevent poor service word of mouth)
What Areas Are Reviewed During A Mystery Review ? 
* —Website – Google ranking with keyword searches, email queries, log in processes etc.
—* Telephonic – Fluency, correct greetings, ability to handle a query etc.
—* Staff – Enthusiasm, product and brand knowledge, brand and company    loyalty, cleanliness, uniformity, friendliness, conflict resolution etc.
—* Stock – Item amounts and availability, cleanliness, accessibility, merchandising hot spots, expiry dates etc.
—* Service – Service with a smile, willingness to go the extra mile, service methods and techniques etc.
Just In-case You Are Unsure, Here Are A Few Of Our Favorite Quotes : 
—“In a store or restaurant, the customer’s experience is vital. One bad encounter, and you’ve lost a customer for life. If the fate of your business is in the hands of a twenty-year-old part-time worker who goes to college or pursues acting on the side, can you afford to treat him or her as expendable?“ HOWARD SCHULTZ
—“It is the customer’s experience that the customer is paying for, not our employees’ experience.“ JOHN DIJULIUS
—“Here is a simple but powerful rule: always give people more than what they expect to get.” NELSON BOSWELL
Pricing : 
Mystery Diner Services – R 450-00
One secret visit, 5 page customer service report as rated by our mystery diner, post visit consultation with Sam Posselt detailing the report. (Please include a R50 meal voucher or gift card to be used by the Reviewer to purchase from your store / restaurant) 
All reviews will be shared out via our Facebook Page : portelizabethservice (1000 + likes and growing)
S.M.I.L.E Customer Service Etiquette Training – R850 per delegate
3 hour extensive training session including all training material, one FREE Mystery Diner report once training has been conducted. Please note the delegate price will be discounted for any groups larger than 5
Waitron, Barmen, Entry Level Kitchen Staff & Retail Shop Assistants – R1300 Finders Fee.
Retail & Restaurant Managers and Chef’s – R2300 Finders Fee.
(All our staff placed are trained with the S.M.I.L.E Etiquette Training)
For more information or to negotiate pricing with us please make use of our CONTACT US Page or email us via

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