About Us

We’re about YOU and your business.

Give yourself a customer’s-eye-view of your business | Afford your staff the ability to provide impeccable customer service | Improve your brand by giving it strength, (or a new horizon), to reach more, sell more, and retain more.

We will provide you with the services, products and knowledge to achieve three goals:

Better your business!
Better your brand!
Better your bottom line!

…and we do so with unique skills and expertise!

We’re expanding our horizons. Why don’t you?

Products | Services : 

– Mystery Shopping

– Undercover Boss Surveys

– Business Consulting

– SEO Management

– Customer Analysis and Retention Training

– S.M.I.L.E Customer Service Training

– Corporate Branding

– Novelty Branding

– Marketing Strategy Assessments

– Monthly Business Networking Sessions

– Employee Training

– Management Training

– Online Advertising and Marketing Packages

Make use of our CONTACT US Page to receive a free quote on any of the above.

Are you a visual person??? Our business is best described with the pictures below : 





Customer service feedback


Thank you note


Social Network pinned on noticeboard




Based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  About us? No, it’s about your brand!


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