Today’s Customer Service related lesson is a simple one, yet seems to be overlooked by many Business Owners.

If you treat your staff in a bad manner they will in turn treat your Customers wrongly!

I have seen this happen many a time during my years of doing recruitment for various Corporate Companies across South Africa. I used to take a different approach to recruiting and always tried to look for PASSIONATE people, however it became a challenge as most of the companies I recruited for seemed to have Management and working infrastructures that would kill the lit fire of passion in my candidates once they had secured employment.


Simple. For many people a job is a means of making a monthly/weekly wage to survive. The economy crashes, work increases, wages stay the same. Owners and Management tend to have unrealistic ideals as to how to get the job done and more often then not do not put themselves in their employees shoes. They fabricate an ideal working environment during an interview process yet tend to forget to inform candidates as to how long it may take to replace company stationery / working overtime is something that will “just” happen whether you like it or not / management will be too busy to attend to your emails etc.

How then can you expect your staff to deliver TOP NOTCH Customer Service 100% of the time? Not going to happen.

Business owners take note! If you treat your staff poorly, they will take it out on your customers!


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