We promote Good Customer Service at all times, however, we cannot overlook the fact that in all businesses across all industries you will find a certain group of Customers that seem to bring out the worst in you i.e BAD Customers.

Sometimes the art of providing Good Customer Service requires you to FIRE a Customer. Below we have listed a few different types so that you can identify and decide whether or not it is viable to keep them on your database.



– Prolonged Payer – From the first invoice you submit to their accounts department you are faced with roadblocks. Late Payment and Non Payment is a definite reason to FIRE your Customer!

– Chronically Complaining and Overly Demanding – In this Customers mind you will never be able to jump as high or offer as low a price according to their demands. They refuse to value the Good Customer Service you offer and ALWAYS expect more. FIRE your Customer!

– Time, Time, Time – Your time means everything to this Customer and he/she will make sure you are concentrating on their every whim 24/7 via Emails, Telephone Calls, Faxes, Texts, Meetings etc. This Customer wastes your time which could be spent on other Customers so FIRE them!

– Deadline Dancer – No matter how many times you proactively inform this Customer of the information you require in order to meet a deadline on their behalf, they will always wait until the last hour to submit and then expect you to work extra hard to complete the project. This Customer does not respect your advice nor time constraints and should therefore be FIRED!

– Liar Liar, Pants on Fire – This Customer will continuously ask you to lie for them. No need for us to elaborate further on this, get FIRING!

Once you have decided to FIRE a Customer ensure that all the documentation, records, outstanding orders / projects are up to date so that you can hand it to them and further avoid any uncomfortable contact. It is advisable to give a referral to a prospective provider, however, make sure you choose someone that will be able to handle your Customer’s Personality if at all possible.


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