How can YOU take that extra step of service? It could be to work towards satisfying Customer Complaints or to learn how to get difficult Customers on your side. Taking that one extra step towards providing quality Customer Service is a key ingredient when exceeding expectations, for eg :

Ticket Agent :        “Would you like me to select a seat for your return flight now? “
Salesperson :          “I’ll deliver it personally this afternoon.”
Night Nurse :          “Since you are awake, let me find you something to drink.”
Waitress :               “May I bring extra glasses so you can try both wines whilst deciding?”
Hotel Clerk :           “May I call a taxi for you?”
Car mechanic :        “Since your car may take longer than planned, may I give you a lift home?”
76% of the South African General Public EXPECT to be disappointed within the Customer Service Field. They EXPECT to be treated unfairly and they EXPECT a fight. Learn to EXCEED their EXPECTATIONS and you have a Customer for life!

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