Sadly, as important as Customer Service is to ALL companies, many don’t afford any time or money towards Customer Service Training.
When we are approached by potential clients to help them identify their Customer Service Training needs we list the following as a “check-list” and encourage them to read through the below to help realise the importance and value of Customer Service Training:
1.       Poor service is the number one reason South African Companies lose business. 68% of Customers stop doing business with a Company because of poor service.
2.       90% of Customers that stopped doing business made no attempt to tell the Company why.
3.       70% of dissatisfied Customers never complain because they believe:
–          It’s not worth their time.
–          The business won’t listen.
–          The Company won’t do anything about the complaint.
4.       The average dissatisfied Customer will tell 9-10 people of their experience.
5.       It costs between 5 and 10 times as much to attract a new client as it does to keep an existing one.
6.       The first 60 seconds of contact establishes a Customer’s opinion about you and your Company – make it a good one, as first impressions don’t come around twice.
7.       Customers will pay more for better service
8.       95% of Customers will do business again with a Company that solved their problems efficiently and satisfactory.
9.       Every single person involved in your business is responsible for sales, and ALL sales result in excellent service.
10.   Customers will tell a business where it needs to improve, listen to them.
After reading the above it will become clear how valuable Customer Service Training is as well as the constant monitoring thereof. Contact us today via portelizabethhorizon@gmail.com for further information on how to assess your Company’s Customer Service Check List.

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